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Blockchain and China

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

This week my reflection is about the Universal Health Coverage, blockchain, and other random news about health policy around the world.

In this edition of The Lancet, there is a comment paper about the blockchain potential to improve healthcare delivery . For the crypto-enthusiasts blockchain will revolutionize everything, from the way, we use the money to the way humans peel potatoes. A more sober analysis, like the opinion of the Lancet authors, focuses the added value of a distributed ledger on traceability of health supply chain and the promise of increased security of electronic health records.

Another recommendation goes to a 20-year-old paper by Joe Kutzin, where he proposed a conceptual framework for health systems policies. The best article I have read in a while. It helped me to understand the different functions of a functional health system (pooling resources, strategic purchasing, healthcare delivery).

The BMJ did a publication about healthcare reforms in China [I haven’t read it yet].

China, India, and Indonesia are some of the countries expanding health insurances, and the sheer size of the population targeted, make these reforms some of the most exciting things happening worldwide.

News from Portugal

  • The government proposed the end of the point of care co-payments (generates about 150M Euros/year), but during the parliament and political discussions, it’s not clear if that will move forward.
  • The English NHS inspired the Portuguese NHS, this inspiration continues as both Health systems seem to have very similar problems. One of them is routinely putting patients in beds that should be reserved for emergencies periods. NHS England news NHS Portugal news, in Portuguese

NERD Alert!

The NERD section this week is dedicated to the 3D plots generation package RayShader

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